Summer heat can be sweltering in North Texas, making air conditioning systems a must to prevent heat-related illnesses. The center for disease prevention states the elderly and infants are particularly vulnerable during the summer season, and recommends air-conditioning systems to help ward off high heat. In as few as 10 short minutes in summer weather, those vulnerable to high temperatures can show signs of heat stroke.


During the winter, air conditioning units are rarely used and can collect dust, mold and other harmful toxins. These fragments can lead to failure in air conditioning systems. To maintain a system, it must be properly serviced. Air Repair Pros of Plano, TX offers repair and maintenance of air conditioning systems. Along with HVAC service, Air Repair Pros make sure systems are running at maximum efficacy to help prevent heat-related illness. Making sure that heating and air-conditioning units are properly cleaned, service, and maintained, also adds a high degree of general comfort, year-round.


Unlike most HVAC companies, Air Repair Pros offers a proven, tested system for changing air filters, and treating them to dramatically reduce pollen and help eliminate viruses, germs, mold, and other unwanted airborne allergens. You can visit their website to learn more. However, changing your air filters every month, especially during the hot air-conditioning season is very important. For a very small investment, you can now have the highest quality air filters, at the best possible HVAC air filter price, treated with an 100% all-natural anti-allergen, pollen, germ, virus, and other airborne dust particles. This leaves your home fresh, clean, and allows your air-conditioning units to operate more efficiently, because they’re cleaner.-


Extreme heat during the Texas summer months makes regular maintenance of air conditioning systems mandatory. Just like the body, the hot air puts excess strain on the cooling mechanisms of these systems, creating extra work. To make sure each AC unit is working at its top efficacy, scheduling regular repair and maintenance, like those services offered by Air Repair Pros.


The HVAC heating and air-conditioning units, is not unlike an automobile. In an automobile is driven hard, in very hot or cold weather, systems break down, if the car is not properly maintained. A/C units are no different. They need regular maintenance, fluids, and systems checked, filters replaced, and testing! Air Repair Pros tests every component of the HVAC system, and then demonstrates that success to the homeowner of the HVAC unit.


Air Repair Pros have a friendly and educated staff that is guaranteed to meet the best standards of ethics, quality and consumer happiness. Their high quality HVAC contractor work offers a thorough examination of air conditioning systems to ensure consumer satisfaction and quality work. When the Air Repair Pros website is examined, the five-star, raving fan reviews, for their air-conditioning and heating services, becomes apparent. The local air-conditioning office in Plano Texas now offers these same services to all of the residents in Plano, and the surrounding areas.


Air Repair Pros services all of North Dallas, and is now offering a location in Plano, Texas. Air Repair Pros has services all air conditioning systems, and offers replacement of AC units for the past 38 years, serving thousands of families each year. In the Plano, Texas area contact Air Repair Pros by calling (972) 625-1400or by visiting



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